CGI images are not shot by a photographer, they are generated with a computer. CGI: Computer Generated Imagery. 

It is an application of computer graphics (imaging software) which is used to create realistic-looking (three-dimensional) images, still and animated visual content, architectural design, video game art, special effects and electronic media. It allows creating images that look real and which may not be created using other methods, like photography.

This technique creates photorealistic images for print and electronic media without models, models or props. CGI visuals are often more cost-effective than traditional photographic images. 

CGI is created with the help of wireframe models. Illumination, texture and color can be assigned to the wireframes and make the image look real. 


We are merging delivered CAD Data with existing photographs, stock images or fully generated environments resulting in images which are indistinguishable from real photographs.

We are offering conceptual advice, on site support, rendering and creative retouch within the CGI world.