Concept Development

We believe modern brand-building is bound to emotional experience and to inspire consumers with exceptional strategic and visual worlds.

It is the essential part of creating an effective affinity with them.

From the Idea to the final image

Sublime is in close exchange with each client to accompany large-scale projects from the beginning. 

We carry out the idea and strategy by developing scenarios, mock-ups, pre-visualizations, and elaborated concepts to focus and decide on the most effective implementation.

We include all possibilities of image production. We use all variations to develop image creation, whether stock, photoshoots, 3D worlds or mixed media.

Use cases range from print to various media applications, from producing a film to its transformation into video clips and moving image applications.

We can systematically link combinations of film and photo to keep costs in view and lead the output of two different media to the same message of the campaign.

Applications in unique spatial contexts, such as giant blow-ups or exhibition-related spatial concepts, are shaped from an idea to deliberate content design.

The development of projects for one-off specific applications, particularly 3D screens as looped CGI animations (anamorphic illusion), inspires us as much as the consumers.

The visual statement is the focus of everything we do. 

We develop independent and modern looks with the customer in an appreciative way. A picture is only credible if it can effortlessly convey authenticity and its unique message.

Over the last 15 years, we have developed a broad spectrum of experience in this production approach. However, the driving force is always the curiosity and joy of creating new worlds of experience with our customers.

Project Example FISCHER ACT Façade


Develop a visual showing different types of façades, some of which are currently under construction, using building elements manufactured by Fischer.
The idea is to show a large, imposing building in the background (office building in a large city), still in the construction phase.
The construction phase is already very far advanced. One part of the façade is already finished, and a second part can still be seen without the elements. On the part without the façade panels, only the substructure and insulation can be seen.


Development of room concept CGI

Development of the building types
From drawings, example buildings and designs for implementation in CGI

Final space concept with buildings

Lighting design


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