Sublime Postproduction

Modern brand-building is bound to emotional experience. Inspiring consumers with exceptional visual worlds is an essential part of creating an affective affinity with them.

Elevate your Vision

Sublime is a high-end post-production studio for photographers and agencies in Berlin with 20 years of experience creating moments of intensity, capturing and distilling the essence of ideas and images.

Sublime evolves significant signature looks for campaigns, visual concepts, artworks, editorials, and photography pools.
From color grading and creative retouching to computer-generated images and compositing, Sublime offers the full range of services at the highest level and accompanies the entire production process with a network of partners and collaborations.
The Portfolio of visual worlds covers a wide set of creative solutions for portraitlifestylestillcgi and transportation.

Evolve your Values

Sublime’s approach is based on in-depth cooperation with agencies and artists, providing them with the best technical support and knowledge in order to create the most engaging and inventive work. Customers specialize in different fields with individual goals and values, Sublime recognizes these singular characteristics of their visual targets and strategies, capturing that rare sublime moment.
Enriching visuals with a deep passion for craftsmanship and creative spirit has led to many successful and long-term relationships with highly-regarded agencies and award-winning photographers.

Enter the Sublime Imagery

Sublime expands images and spaces, creating a feeling of depth, balance, liveliness and intensity. The technical becomes vivid, the contrast harmonious, the complex simple,  the foreign familiar.
Sublime creates a unique intensity, the image strikes narrative sparks.
Staging and precise craftsmanship, atmosphere, and spontaneity merge and reinforce each other.

The Founder/ Creator

Sublime’s founder Andreas Freitag has excelled over a long period in the post-production field.

Having studied visual communication and exhibition design at the University of Arts in Berlin and photography at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, Freitag is an expert in creating outstanding visual worlds, using all the knowledge he has gained through his acquaintance with the work of old masters and of contemporary artists in museums and galleries around the world.

Sublime’s philosopy is forged not only out of this passion and experience, but also from the unique talents of each team member and their progressive spirit.
They transform the demands of every new project by opportunities, crafting a fitting response for clients who wish to visually challenge our modern world.