Adidas | Full Digital Production

Compositing and Color Grading for Adidas

Sublime received the basic concept for this Adidas advertising campaign from the advertising agency Heimat Active.

The task was to create an over-dimensional canvas to cover the open structure of the “Kranzler Eck” in Berlin, Charlottenburg.

A famous soccer player would shoot a soccer ball through the windows of the buildings. A visual illusion would be created by “breaking” the windows of the skyscraper with the ball.

Production Time: 5 days from concept to finished product

The delivered idea

Adidas Werbung mit Thomas Müller retouched by Sublime

The finished production on the Kranzler Eck building

Several buildings in Berlin were considered; in the end, the canvas should be placed on the open structure of the Kranzler Eck.
This part of the building is an architectural framework. It has no windows and no rooms. It is completely see-through.
The canvas should stretch over 17m width and 44m height, covering a total surface of 800m2.
The greatest challenge was the exact placement of the windows, so the real windows would continue to the left without any interruptions. The windows created in digital postproduction needed to marry exactly with the real windows of the buildings. Over a height of 44 m, even the smallest mistake would show. 
Furthermore, at this size, test prints were not possible. 

The development of the concept.
First the windows and the broken glass was created with real glass elements and aligned perfectly to match the existing windows. The image, shot by Andre Josselin and provided by the agency was placed, color corrected. Special effects like the German flag were designed and added.
Logo and text were placed.

The biggest challenge was to choose the correct color of the windows. The real windows change color, depending on the day. With a cloudy sky they are blueish, on a sunny day they emit pinks and browns. The color also changes between sunrise and sunset. 

The finished production on the Kranzler Eck building

In the press

Interesting background information on the campaign:

Horizont reports

Move it media: The climbers who installed the 4 ton poster!

The finished canvas at night with background illumination: Thomas Müller shooting a soccer ball from the “Kranzler Eck” 

Production of an oversized billboard, recreating real windows and action elements.
A step by step video.

We created a little video in order to show you the process of a 5-day full digital production. 

This video is made of the single images used in the process of image production. 

It shows the amount of work behind the project, but still, it was finished within only 5 days.